Cliffie Stone Equestrian Trail Cliffie Stone Trail
Left photo:  The new Cliffie Stone signage on the “Cliffie Stone Equestrian Trail.”  This part of the trail is near the main entrance of Tesoro del Valle Park.  Right photo:  A close up view of the Cliffie Stone signage.  The idea of honoring Cliffie Stone for his numerous contributions to his beloved Santa Clarita community (where he, Dorothy, and their children, Linda, Stephen, Curtis and Jonathan, lived for forty years) started in mid-1998. The ‘Cliffie Stone Equestrian Trail’ idea evolved and was officially announced at the Dedication Ceremony on September 6, 2001; and it was completed on December 6, 2012, when the ‘Cliffie Stone Trail’ signage was placed throughout Cliffie’s seven mile equestrian trail throughout the San Francisquito Canyon in Santa Clarita. On behalf of the Cliffie Stone family, I’d like to thank ALL the countless people, organizations and companies involved in this large, time consuming and intricate project. This includes the Los Angeles County Staff and its 5th District Supervisor, Michael Antonovich; Jo Anne Darcy (ex-mayor of Santa Clarita); Mayor Laurene Weste (September 2001); Karen Grant, ‘Regional Recreation Director’ of the ‘Department of Recreation;’ the numerous property owners in the Tesoro del Valle home development area (such as Bernie Clougherty- a 50 year owner of the Clougherty Ranch properties); Conal McNamara, Field Deputy; Millie Jones, Field Representative; Bill Rattazzi of Sun Cal Properties; John Evans, an agent for Montalvo Properties L.L.C.; Frank Gonzales; and the list goes on.

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