Cliffie Stone Family Photos
 L to R: Curtis Stone (bass/vocals), Cactus Moser (drums/vocals), Nikki Nelson (Highway 101’s 2nd lead girl singer) and Cliffie; (Highway 101’s guitarist, Jack Daniels, is not in the photo). This picture was taken at the Gene Autry Museum in 1991, when they performed at the same gig with Buck Owens and Dwight Yoakam. (Note: In 1990, Paulette Carlson decided to leave the group to start a solo career. Thus, Curtis, Jack and Cactus interviewed a number of country girl singers and Nikki Nelson was chosen). In 1987, Highway 101’s debut album on Warner Bros. (Highway 101) sold over 500,000 units and spawned 4 Billboard Top 5 hits: their 1st single, The Bed You Made for Me, peaked at #4 and spent 24 weeks on the “Hot Country Songs’” charts; Whisky, If You Were A Woman peaked at #2; Somewhere Tonight went to #1; and Cry, Cry, Cry went to #1. Highway 101’s 2nd Warner Bros. album was Highway 101 – Volume 2 - release date, 1988; this album spawned 4 Billboard Top 10 singles: All the Reasons Why peaked at #5; Setting Me Up peaked at #7; “Honky Tonk Heart” peaked at #6; and Just Say Yes went to #1. Highway 101’s 3rd Warner Bros. album was Paint the Town - release date, 1989; Who’s Lonely Now  went to #1; Walkin,’ Talkin,’ Cryin,’ Barely Beatin’ Broken Heart peaked at #4; and This Side of Goodbye peaked at #11. Highway 101’s 4th Warner Bros. album, was Bing Bang Boom – release date, 1991 (with new lead singer, Nikki Nelson): their 1st single, Bing Bang Boom - peaked at #14; The Blame peaked at #31; Baby, I’m Missin’ You peaked at #22; Honky Tonk Baby peaked at #54. Combined excerpts from Cliffie Stone’s songwriting and talent show books: “All the above hit singles and albums catapulted Highway 101 into becoming an award-winning group: In 1987, Highway 101 won the Academy of Country Music’s “Top Vocal Group” award. In 1988, they won ACM’s “Top Vocal Group.” In 1988, Highway 101 won the Country Music Association’s “Vocal Group of the Year” award. In 1989, they, again, won the CMA’s “Vocal Group of the Year” award. In 1988, Highway 101 was nominated for two Grammy awards: “Album of the Year” and “Single of the Year.” Although they didn’t receive a Grammy, Highway 101 is still a winner in the big scheme of things because it’s such an honor to be nominated in the first place! Highway 101’s chemistry was as dynamic on stage as it was on records, which was pretty amazing considering that the Curtis, Jack and Cactus had never performed with Paulette in concert until they started touring after they had their first hits from their 1st Warner Bros. album. I don’t have the words to express my feelings when I saw Highway 101 performing on prestigious showroom stages, such as Bally’s in Las Vegas. What a pleasure it was to watch them having fun with their ‘overnight success,’ which couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of people! They came a long way in a seemingly short period of time, but all of them spent years accumulating their individual experiences before fate brought them together as a group. Regardless what the fates may have in store for them in the future, all the members of Highway 101 will always be able to make an excellent living performing in concerts, because no one can ever take away their God-given talent or accomplishments.”

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