Cliffie Stone Family Photos
A photo taken in 1989 of Cliffie with his good friend and longtime music business associate, Sam Trust. At one time, Sam Trust was President of ATV Music Publishing in the United States, which owned the Beatles’ catalog. (ATV Music Publishing - originally founded as ‘Associated TeleVision’ - and its solely-owned subsidiary, Pye Records, were United Kingdom entities, which were owned by Lew Grade; in 1968, Lew Grade acquired the rights to John Lennon and Paul MCartney’s ‘Northern Songs’ catalogs.) Sam hired Cliffie to head up ATV’s Country Music Division. He also hired Cliffie’s son, Steve, to be an executive at ATV Music. Steve and Sam owned a highly successful gospel publishing company together; their publishing catalogs were Mandina Music (BMI) and Rocksmith Music (ASCAP). One of their published classic hymns was called ‘Majesty,’ which was written by Jack Hayford, who founded the Church On The Way in Van Nuys, CA. Sam and his lovely wife, Joan, live in Carmel. Sam is one of the most honorable premier music publishing executives in the music industry. He is now president of his own company, Primat America. (In 1985, Michael Jackson bought ATV Music Publishing. In 1995, Sony Music merged with ATV Music Publishing and, thereby, became Sony/ATV Music Publishing, which is co-owned by the Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Corporation.) Since Steve Stone once worked for ATV Music Publishing, he was very familiar with its catalogs. He was hired by Sony/ATV Music Publishing and he worked there a number of years to help integrate the ATV Music catalog with the other numerous catalogs that Sony had purchased.

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