Cliffie Stone Equestrian Trail
Back Row (L to R): Roy Hart, Billy Leibert, Ray Merrill, Herman “The Hermit,” Billy Strange, Speedy West, Les Taylor and Al Williams. Middle Row (L to R): Jimmy Bryant, Bucky Tibbs, Jonell McQuaid, Cliffie Stone, Glenell McQuaid, Jonie O’Brien and Harold Hensley. Bottom Row: (L to R): Tennessee Ernie Ford, Molly Bee and Gene O’Quinn. Excerpts from Cliffie’s Talent Show book: “In the 1940s and 1950’s, ‘Hometown Jamboree’ was aired on Southern California’s Channel 13 (and later on Channel 5) on Saturday nights. World War II had started and during the early 1940s, California was inundated with hundreds of defense plants and its share of Army, Marine and Naval bases. These plants and Armed Service bases were primarily staffed and filled with people from every state in the union. These displaced folks were homesick and missed their own hometowns. I realized this so I decided to call both my radio and TV show ‘Hometown Jamboree.’ I made it a homespun, fun-loving environment that would remind them of their close-knit communities back home. It was truly a fun and wholesome show for the entire family.”

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