Cliffie Stone Equestrian Trail
Cliffie Stone’s Dinner Bell Round-up. Back Row (L to R): Wesley Tuttle, Sonny Burke, Merle Travis, Cliffie Stone, Texanne, Herman “The Hermit,” Tex Atchison. Kneeling: the show’s sponsors, Ernie and George. Per an interview with Cliffie: “Stuart eventually quit his “Covered Wagon Jubilee” and “Lucky Stars” shows. Since I had been filling in for Stuart when he wasn’t there, the sponsors hired me, which meant that I’d also be doing the commercials. Since Cliffie Stonehead was a funny sounding name, I dropped the ‘head’ and became Cliffie Stone. I later changed the ‘Dinner Bell Round-Up’ show to ‘Hometown Jamboree.’ I learned so many wonderful things about show business from Stuart: How to dress, how to be impressive on the stage and not to be afraid of taking over! I started playing records on ‘Covered Wagon Jubilee’ in the morning. I changed the name of ‘Lucky Stars’ to ‘Star Time.’ We were still sponsored by the Star Outfitting Company – a big store in downtown Los Angeles.”

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