“Cliffie and I received the ACM Pioneer Award  together in 1972; and our pioneering trails have crossed many times on Melody Ranch, radio, TV, records and publishing. I am proud to call him my friend and to have had him as a member of my team down through the years. Aspiring artists will benefit from his know-how that he shares in his music books.”  

-GENE AUTRY: ACM Pioneer Award; CMA Hall of Fame; Western Icon

  Gene Autry & Cliffie

“When I became associated with Cliffie, a red-letter day dawned in my life. To record “16 Tons” and watch its results was a dream come true! I urge you to read his books and learn firsthand from a man who knows the beauty of our country music, which is heard around the world and, in great part, because of Cliffie’s knowledge. From my heart, I thank him!”

-TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD:ACM Pioneer Award; CMA Hall of Fame; Icon Singer 

  Tennessee Ernie Ford & Cliffie

“I am proud to have known Cliffie. He was my good luck charm. Whenever he was in the studio while I was recording at Capitol, my song would become a hit! Cliffie’s book will be of much assistance to any new writer because of its valuable content. He’s a professor, a publisher and his songwriting book is long overdue.”

-MERLE HAGGARD: Singer/songwriter: ACM Pioneer Award; CMA Hall of Fame Award

  Merle Haggard & Cliffie Stone

“Cliffie’s new book is the closest a new songwriter can get to professional advice from one of the most beloved and respected music men in the business. His style brings the reader up close and personal with a man who gives a practical, down-to-earth approach to writing and career building advice. He also gives the reader glimpses of memorable moments in music history.”

-FRANCES W. PRESTON: BMI President & CEO (1986-2004); CMA Hall of Fame; Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame; Gospel Music Hall of Fame

  Francis Preson & Cliffie

“Cliffie’s book is an important piece of literature for songwriters – written by one of the most versatile people that I know in the music industry. It should be mandatory reading for anyone who wishes a career in writing, publishing or any other phase of the music business. Without being able to tap into Cliffie’s vast knowledge, my success would have been limited. Most important of all, I’ve also learned how to be a better human being! I love you, Cliffie.”

-BOBBY BARE: CMA Hall of Fame; Grammy Award Winner; Nat’l Songwriters’ “Aggie Award”

  Bobby Bare

“If you could write down the name of every artist, songwriter, musician, producer, promoter, manager, agent, etc. – that Cliffie spoke an encouraging words to (and I was no exception), it would probably extend from here to the hereafter!”

-BUCK OWENS: CMA Hall of Fame; ACM Pioneer Award; Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter

  Buck Owens & Cliffie

“So many have written to me over the years wanting to know the answers that are contained in this songwriting book; and Cliffie Stone is a name well-respected ‘across the board’ in the music world. He knows whereof he speaks. You’ll enjoy reading his informative book.”

-PEGGY LEE: Legendary Pop Singer/Recording Star; Songwriter; ASCAP’s Pied Piper Award

  Cliffie, Joan Carol & Peggy Lee

“Discovering and encouraging new artists is important. It ensures that the music will never stop! Cliffie spent his life nurturing performers. He found it. He presented it. He promoted it. He made an extraordinary contribution to our musical lives.”

-DICK CLARK: TV Icon; Emmy’s Lifetime Achievement Award; ACM Awards’ Exec. Producer 

  Cliffie & Dick Clark

“Cliffie brought many new artists to Capitol Records in Hollywood, CA. He played bass on many of my recording sessions as well as his own sessions. He, along with Lee Gillette and myself, had a publishing company called Central Songs and it wouldn’t have been successful without him! He was a fantastic man and a dear friend.”

-KEN NELSON:CMA Hall of Fame; Head of Capitol Records’ Country Division, 1951-1978

  Cliffie & Dick Clark

“Years ago, I found a home at Central Songs because my buddy, Cliffie, always had an open door and an open ear to my bag of songs. He has worked with great writers. Since he is both a publisher and a songwriter, he understands our needs. Who could be better qualified to write this much needed beginner’s songwriting book than Cliffie!”

-HARLAN HOWARD: ACM’s Pioneer Award; Nashville Songwriters’ Hall of Fame     

  Harlan Howard & Cliffie

“You don’t need to be an aspiring songwriter to enjoy this book. It’s fun and entertaining for anyone to read. The way Cliffie weaves his personal experiences throughout his book gives it a sense of country music history.”

-MINNIE PEARL: Grand Ole Opry Comedienne; CMA Hall of Fame; ACM Pioneer Award 

  Minnie Pearl

“Cliffie is a man who has done it all and has been recognized by his peers with almost every conceivable award – including induction into the CMA Hall of Fame. His book is fun to read but, more importantly, it is informative and guides the beginning songwriter along the right paths.”

-JO WALKER-MEADOR: CMA Hall of Fame; CMA Executive Director, 1962 – 1991 

  Jo Walker-Meador & Cliffie

“Cliffie’s songwriting book puts fun into the fundamentals of this segment of the music industry. We also worked together for over 20 years in a rather stressful publishing business; and he gave us the ‘humanity’ we all needed to survive the transition from creative independence to corporate ‘accountability.”

-SAM TRUST: Formerly with BMI; Capitol’s Beechwood Music; former President of ATV Music      

  Harlan Howard & Cliffie

“I met Cliffie in the late 1960’s in Hollywood, CA and he was already a legend. He was a beacon for country talent, and our most effective voice to the Los Angeles entertainment industry. Doors for country music opened wider and sooner because of him.”

-BRUCE HINTON: Legendary Executive and Chairman of MCA Records in Nashville

  Joan Carol & Bruce Hinton

“Cliffie was one of those special people who gave newcomers a chance. He was an inspiration to so many artists and he certainly was to me!”

-BARBARA MANDRELL: CMA Hall of Fame; ACM Pioneer Award

  Barbara Mandrell

“Roy and I were blessed to know Cliffie. We appreciated  the integrity and honor that he brought to the profession. Most of all, we prized his sense of humor and what a joy he was to work with!”

-DALE EVANS & ROY ROGERS: Western Icons; CMA Hall of Fame; ACM Pioneer Award 

  Roy Rogers & CJoan Carol

“Who better to write a book about songwriting than Cliffie Stone! He’s been involved in all aspects of the music business with not only great success, but also great integrity.”

-KENNY ROGERS: ACM’s Cliffie Stone Pioneer Award; CMA Hall of Fame    

  Kenny Rogers & Cliffie Stone

“Cliffie knew more about talent and people than anyone I ever met. He believed that everyone deserved a chance, and he had the ability to get the best out of everyone. Following the path that he lays out in his books can make your journey to success a shorter, sweeter trip.”

-GENE WEED: ACM’s Gene Weed Special Achievement Award; Premier TV Director/Producer; formerly ACM’s Board of Director’s Chairman

  Cliffie & Hank Thompson

“Cliffie Stone has been in the business long enough to know all about songwriting and he does!”

-CHET ATKINS: CMA Hall of Fame; ACM Pioneer Award; Legendary Guitarist

  Cliffie & Hank Thompson

“Cliff – Herman’s son has to be a “hell of a man!”

-JOHN WAYNE: Legendary Movie Star; Western Icon

  Cliffie & Hank Thompson


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