Cliffie Stone Archives
(L to R): Eddie Cletro (guitar), Cliffie (Bass), young girl singer (name unknown), Joe Strand (accordion) and Herman “the Hermit” (banjo). In the above photo, you can see how much Eddie, Cliffie, Joe and Herman are enjoying and encouraging this young girl to relax so that she can freely sing her song.” As Cliffie writes in his talent show book, ‘You Gotta Be Bad Before You Can Be Good:’ “My lifelong penchant for discovering and presenting new artists took root during my 13-year musical variety TV Show, ‘Hometown Jamboree.’ Molly Bee was a little girl in pigtails when she auditioned for me. Barbara Mandrell also was a youngster starting out in show business when she made her first appearance on my ‘Hometown Jamboree Show’ television show.”

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