Cliffie Stone Equestrian Trail
Cliffie’s main job was playing bass on Stuart’s daily morning and afternoon radio shows. As time went on, Stuart would have Cliffie sing and do comedy skits with him too. In one of his interviews, Cliffie said, “I love playing the bass! When I have a bass in my hand, I feel better than I feel doing anything else. But sometimes a musician is not appreciated because they are in the back row. This is why I’m thinking about writing a book called ‘Four Steps To Glory,’ which would be about the transition a musician makes from the back line up to the first line – the center stage mic. Some musicians are content with being a good musician, but not me. I wanted to be the leader at the front mic. So whenever I had gigs at nightclubs, such as Slapsy Maxies (a hangout for top comedians such as Jackie Gleason, Milton Berle, Red Skelton) they would inevitably get up and perform. I had a pencil and paper pad by my side and I would write down every joke they told as well as listen to how they delivered their lines. This helped me to get closer to the center stage mic.”

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