Cliffie Stone Family Photos
Cliffie with legendary TV icon and producer, Dick Clark, during rehearsals for an ACM awards show. Dick Clark is a multi Award-Winning Producer. He received an Emmy for 'Best Show' - "American Bandstand." Detailed info about his incredible career and countless awards can be found on various websites on the internet. Here are Cliffie's thoughts about Dick in his own words which he wrote in his talent show book: "A 21-Gun Salute to Dick Clark: I've known and admired Dick Clark for years. As you undoubtedly know, he is an icon in the television industry and one of its premier executive producers of music award shows (and other entertainment shows), as well as a great emcee. This ageless energetic man has given of his emcee talents and ingenious production expertise for decades. He more than deserves all the accolades and awards that have been bestowed on him. Not only does he surround himself with the best production personnel, such as Gene Weed and his talented son, Rac (who is making his own mark in the industry), Dick astutely oversees all aspects of his shows. Naturally, I'm very prejudice when it comes to the Academy of Country Music Award Shows, and I've enjoyed being one of its award presenters from time to time. The success of this show is due to Dick and his company, who produce it for network television. One of the highlights of this yearly event is Dick's enthusiastic way of interviewing each ACM award winner backstage, which is incorporated into the show as it is happening. Talk about someone who is dedicated to presenting musical talent to the world - it's Dick Clark, who, in my opinion, has done more for the promotion of ALL music genres than anyone I know of. He has my deepest respect and I give him a "21-Gun Salute" for his decades of service." Dick Clark's testimonial for Cliffie's book: "Encouraging new talent is important! It ensures that the music will never stop. Cliffie spent his life nurturing performers. He made an extra ordinary contribution to our musical lives."  ...Dick Clark.

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