Cliffie Stone Family Photos
Another priceless shot of Cliffie and Owen Bradley a few minutes before the Hall of Famers’ group photo (Row 1, #1 photo) during Country’s Grandest Homecoming: The Country Music Hall of Fame’s 25th Anniversary Celebration on CBS-TV in Nashville (April 1992). They were so engrossed in their conversation that they were oblivious to everyone around them including their fellow Hall of Famers. L to R: Bill Monroe, Owen Bradley, Cliffie Stone, unknown CMA staff writer, Governor Jimmy Davis and Roy Acuff. Cliffie was enamored of Owen’s production talents, and his favorite Patsy Cline record was “Sweet Dreams.” It goes without saying that he also loved to listen to “Crazy” and he never got tired of hearing Floyd Cramer’s memorable intro piano riff. Owen was an innovative musician and producer who would keep improving on the Nashville sound, which contributed to Nashville becoming a giant country music recording capital, which includes modern, up-to-date recording technology. Owen was inducted into the “Country Music Hall of Fame in 1974; and he was so proud when his music mentor, Paul Cohen, was posthumously inducted into the Country Hall of Fame in 1976. It should be noted that Owen had produced the classic records for six Country Music Hall of Famers, which includes Ernest Tubb in 1962, Patsy Cline in 1973 (her plaque is in Row 10, #5 photo), Bill Monroe in 1970, Loretta Lynn in 1988 and Conway Twitty in 1999. And let’s not forget the musicians and backup singers on Owen’s first-call list who contributed to the Nashville Sound who were also inducted into the Country Hall of Fame, which includes his brother, Harold Bradley in 2006, the Jordanaires in 2001and Floyd Cramer in 2003 (who made the ‘slip note’ technique on the piano very popular). In 1976, Owen received the Academy of Country Music’s “Pioneer Award.” Simply put, Owen Bradley was one of the pioneering architects of the Nashville Sound and he became one of the most influential record producers in country music history.

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