Cliffie Stone Family Photos
Cliffie with Lorianne Crook backstage at the Academy of Country Music’s award show in the early-1990s (which took place at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, CA). Lorianne is one of the hosts of a very popular cable network TV show on TNN (The Nashville Network) called ‘Crook & Chase’ as well as ‘The Crook & Chase Countdown’ radio show, which are owned by Lorianne’s husband, Jim Owens (Jim Owens Entertainment). Cliffie was a faithful viewer of ‘Crook & Chase’ and he admired Lorianne, whom he thought was not only beautiful, bright and charming, but that the combined personalities of her and her co-host, Charlie Chase, made this show such a long-running success, which is not an easy feat to do. He felt that Lorianne and Charlie skillfully asked all the right questions, which they instinctively knew their country audience would enjoy knowing. Cliffie finally met Lorianne and Charlie in 1989 when the unique band that his son, Curtis, was in (Highway 101) was being interviewed on the show. Cliffie and Lorianne hit it off immediately and they developed a mutual admiration society for one another. At a later date, Cliffie would also be interviewed by Lorianne and Charlie, which he so enjoyed because he never met a microphone or a television camera that he didn’t love! It was a sad day for everyone who knew and loved Cliffie when he made his transition. At that time, he had finished recording all the tapes for his impassioned new talent show book, ‘You Gotta Be Bad Before You Can Be Good,” which was near and dear to his heart. In his memory, I transcribed all the tapes for his new book; and in the organizational process of putting it together, I also contacted people for the testimonial section. I feel that Lorianne gave one of the most touching comments, which succinctly sums up Cliffie’s very character essence:  “Cliffie lived a life of respect! He respected the music, the artists, and the entire process (both good and bad) of the business. This is a man who stood out by opening his heart to everyone and conducted himself, always, with grace.”

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