Cliffie Stone Family Photos
Since Cliffie and Ernie (as well as their respective families) were lifelong friends, they always called each other to share whatever was currently happening in their lives. On May 18, 1973, Cliffie produced Cliffie Stone’s “Hometown Jamboree Reunion,” which featured Ernie Ford, Molly Bee, Merle Travis, Billy Liebert and other members of his original cast. In the above photo, Cliffie and Ernie Ford joined forces once again to perform at the 1981 Vintage Invitational Golf Tournament in Indian Wells, CA. In Cliffie’s two music books, he interjects numerous historical anecdotes and Ernie, of course, is frequently mentioned in them: “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Songwriting…” (Chapter 21 ‘The True Story of ’16 Tons’); and a talent show book entitled: “You Gotta Be Bad Before You Can Be Good.” Please see Music/Books section of this website. If you want to hear Ernie sing, visit

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