Cliffie Stone Family Photos
March 1, 1997: A memorable photograph of Cliffie surrounded by his family at his birthday party at Cliffie’s favorite restaurant, Coco’s, in Canyon Country. Standing L to R: Ina, Amanda (Mandy). Back row sitting L to R: Cliffie, Cathy, Rachel, Bob, Katy, Susan, Linda, Jonathan. Front row L to R: Amy, Melissa, Joan Carol, Seth, Abby and Stephen. (The only ones unable to attend were Curtis, Linda’s husband, Harvey and Jonathan, Jr.) In the Dedication section of his first book, “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Songwriting…,”  Cliffie wrote: “My grandchildren – Katy, Susan, Amanda (Mandy), Amy, Melissa, Jonathan, Jr., Rachel, Seth and Abbie – to whom the ‘song of life' has been passed on.”

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