Cliffie Stone Family Photos
L to R: The Stone Dynasty  -  Stephen, Jonathan, Cliffie and Curtis at a BMI Awards dinner show in 1989. In the Acknowledgments’ section of Cliffie’s talent show book, he wrote: “My three ‘buddy’ sons – Stephen, Curtis and Jonathan – who followed in my musical footsteps to ‘find their place in the sun,’ and now I’m learning from them. Each of them is successful in their own right in the music business.” STEPHEN: Cliffie always called Steve his ‘flower child’ because he advocated peace, love and acted like he didn’t have a care in the world – a pied piper if you will. Steve was and continues to be a versatile and multi-faceted talent: he’s a piano player, music publisher, songwriter, producer and a three-time Grammy nominated ‘finalist.’ Music Publisher: ATV Music Group; Central Songs; Mike Curb Productions; Motown; Warner/Chappell; Sony/ATV Music; Lorimar-Telepictures; and a highly successful Christian publishing company that Sam Trust and Steve founded: Mandina Music (BMI) & Rocksmith Music (ASCAP) LLD. These Christian catalogs include two hundred songs and many of them are written by Steve’s good friend, Pastor Jack Hayford (who founded ‘Church On The Way’ in Van Nuys, CA). Pastor Hayford wrote a classic worship hymn called ‘Majesty’ which most churches worldwide have played at one time or another. Songs: Steve has written over two hundred songs which have been recorded. They include: Artist, Perry Como – “Love Looks So Good On You” (Steve Stone & Charlie Williams); Artist, Eddy Arnold – “It Ain’t Over Yet” (Steve Stone); Artist, Roy Rogers – “It’s Good To Be Home Again” (Steve Stone & Chris Roberts); Artist, Dottie West – “The Night Love Let You Down”’ (Steve Stone & Johnny Cunningham); Artist, Ronnie Milsap – “Are You Loving Me Like I’m Loving You” (Steve Stone & Johnny Cunningham); Artist, Molly Bee – “Big Daddy’s Gonna Bring It on Home to Ma-Ma” (Steve Stone & Bob Duncan); Artist, Tennessee Ernie Ford – Numerous Country and Christian songs including “Come on Down” (Steve Stone & Pastor Jack Hayford); Producer: Capitol Records (and several independent record companies): Four albums with Tennessee Ernie Ford; one album with Glen Campbell and Tennessee Ernie Ford (“Ernie Sings & Glen Picks”); and three albums with Freddie Hart. There were numerous albums with artists who include: Dorsey Burnette, Brush Arbor, Johnny and Joni Mosby. Grammys: (Steve was a Grammy nominated “finalist” three times): (1) Tennessee Ernie Ford’s “Make a Joyful Noise” - “Best Contemporary Christian Album” (Producer, Steve Stone); (2) Michelle Pillar’s “Look Who Loves You Now” – “Best Contemporary Christian Song” (Songwriter, Steve Stone); and (3) Rodney Dangerfield’s “Twist & Shout” – “Best Comedy Recording” (from the motion picture “Back To School” (co-produced by Steve Stone and Linda Goldner Perry).  JONATHAN: In 1974, Jonathan started his executive career the old fashioned way - from the bottom up; he made tape copies in ATV/Los Angeles office. In I975, he became Manager of Creative Services for ATV/Nashville and he dealt with top country songwriters, which includes Bobby Bare, Billy Joe Shaver, Roger Bowling and Bryon Hill. Four years later, MCA/Los Angeles offered him the Director of Creative Service’s position, which he accepted. During this time frame, he continued learning and gaining invaluable experience by working with country/pop songwriters such as Glen Ballard, Robbie Neville, Mark Mueller, etc. and he secured many major covers. His growing word-of-mouth reputation caught the ears of music icon, Quincy Jones, who offered him a Vice President position at Quest Music Publishing/Quincy Jones Productions in 1985. As Vice President, Jonathan’s job was twofold: he oversaw all areas of the publishing realm; and he was also involved in Quincy’s A&R production projects with stars such as Michael Jackson, Patty Austin and James Ingram. Jonathan, like his dad, has a way with people and his business associates also became good friends. This led to a lucrative offer by a newly-formed company, Windswept Pacific Music, to be their General Manager (and several years later, their President). Windswept Pacific was founded by Chuck Kaye, Joel Sill and Asia’s largest publisher, Fujipacific Music of Japan. They published songs in all genres – pop, country, rock, urban, etc. With Jonathan at the helm and their growing power house list of mega-talented writers/artists such as - Chris Farren, Jeffrey Steele, Beyonce, The Spice Girls, Steve Mac, Alice Cooper, Wendy Waldman and Matraca Berg - Windswept Pacific was propelled into the enviable position of being one of the largest independent music publishing companies in the world. During this time frame, Jonathan was on the Board of Directors of the Academy of Country Music for twelve years and his publishing knowledge was listened to and respected. CURTIS: In 1988, the ACM/CMA award-winning group, ‘Highway 101’ was formed. Excerpts from Cliffie’s books: ‘It took guts and foresight for manager, Chuck Morris, to put a country girl singer with basically a rock ‘n’ roll band. Curtis Stone, Jack Daniels, Cactus Moser and Paulette Carlson clicked from the get-go. After Chuck saw and heard the musical chemistry between them, he fronted the money and recorded them at Amigo Studios in Los Angeles. Then Chuck shopped their product in Nashville and he got them a record deal with Warner Bros.” “…With Curtis on bass, Cactus on drums and Jack on guitar, they became the driving force and very foundation of Highway 101’s great rhythm sound. Magic happened when Curtis, Cactus, Jack and Paulette combined their individual talents. You see, these three guys were always sidemen who backed up singers. But with the birth of Highway 101, all three of them took center stage with Paulette. Not only did they have a great rhythm section, their individual charismatic personalities and vocal harmonies became an integral part of the act with the lead singer, Paulette. You couldn’t have one without the other for all the parts equaled the whole.”  (See the captions of the next two Highway 101 photos which follow this photograph.) Although Cliffie was extremely proud of all three of his sons’ accomplishments in the music business, what he was proud of the most was their kindness, honesty, keen sense of humor and what gentlemen they all turned out to be! Both Cliffie and his first wife, Dorothy, are responsible and are to be commended for instilling these wonderful qualities in all of them. As the saying goes, ‘An apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.’ In this case, it’s three apples!

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