Cliffie Stone Family Photos Cliffie Stone Family Photos
Left photo: Cliffie with his musician son, Curtis, at a 1990 BMI Awards dinner in Nashville, TN. Cliffie was so proud of Curtis and his group, Highway 101, which had just won a BMI award for one of their songs. Cliffie wrote in his talent show book: “Curtis ended up being a songwriter, bass player and an entertainer just like his dad. He is a naturally gifted musician and he truly loves performing on stage with a band.” Excerpts from the Dedication section of Cliffie’s “Everything…About Songwriting” book: “My three sons (my buddies) – Steve, Curtis and Jonathan – who followed in my musical footsteps to find ‘their place in the sun’ and now I’m learning from them.” (See “Later Years” gallery, Row 8, Photographs 3, 4 and 5 to read about Curtis and Highway 101.) Right photo:  A wonderful photo of Curtis (who is talking to his father, Cliffie, who is off camera); this photo was taken in 1988 prior to a Highway 101 gig in Palm Springs, CA.

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