Cliffie Stone Family Photos Cliffie Stone Family Photos
Cliffie with his proud parents, Nina Belle and Clifford H. Snyder on his high school graduation day. Cliffie, like all graduates, had to make a decision on what he wanted to do with his life. He wrote in his talent show book: “When I graduated from Burbank High School, I had to choose between a football college scholarship and music. I chose to follow my heart because I had this need to perform!” In the Dedication section of his “Everything…About Songwriting” book, Cliffie wrote: “My beloved mother, Nina Belle Snyder – whose selfless love and understanding inspired me to be all that I am!”  And he wrote of his father (AKA Herman ‘the Hermit’): “My charismatic father, Clifford H. Snyder, who introduced me to music and encouraged me to be a professional musician.”

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